1st thing on my to do list…

Figure out how the hell to customize this site…. argh… This is a job for after the kids go to bed

…to be continued

Ok, So I’m Starting a Blog

Ok, so I’m starting a blog. Why? Because my friends on facebook are probably tired of my random musings about being a sahm for 9 crazy beautiful years….I’ve wanted to be a writer since I could hold a pencil to paper… And maybe a little because I am losing my mind and possibly seeking a little validation, that I’m ok and everything will be ok! That is how this is supposed to work right? I’ll make diary-esq posts and millions of readers will comment and tell me they’ve been in my shoes. I’m doing everything I can and I’m still a great mommy even with spaghetti o’s in my hair and while wearing the same pj pants for the last 542 hours… then Oprah will see my blog and have me on her show and give me and my family A BRAND NEW HOUSE!!! Just kidding on that last part! 😉 But seriously, I just need to vent! And maybe try out a few things and let you know how it works for me… we’ll see! ❤